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It Matters A Great Deal

Credibility dies where inconsistency lives.

–  PNC


The Classroom of Awareness

There is as much to be learned simply from watching the mistakes and faults of those around you as there is learned through instruction and study. It requires an awareness of who you are now and a decision about who you will and won’t become moving forward.


Crossover Elements

“A well-cast vision. A well-thought out plan. A whole-hearted passion. A long-lasting commitment. A willingness to change something that might not be working. An ability to recognize who should be handing what and the time and place they should do so. If such elements are the building blocks to the success of an organization set on building the greatest widget known to mankind; how much more needed when dealing with souls of humanity in light of eternity?!” – PNC

*read the entire post, here, @ Bring Me 70

Becoming The Expert


“One never masters something by one day declaring they know it all. That’s when the other guy passes you by.”

Louie Weaver, drummer for Petra

A Tale Of Two Men…And Someday In The Future

In the movie, The Replacements, a group of men with incredibly diverse backgrounds are given a second chance at the game of football, this time in the NFL, as the professional players go on strike, about 4 games before the season ends. It’s a great story, as it’s truly a story about a 2nd chance at life. At one point, the quarterback, whose performance in the Sugar Bowl resulted in losing the game by 45 pts, asks the coach, also being given a second chance, why the coach chose him.  The coach simply responds:

I look at you and I see two men: the man you are, and the man you ought to be. Someday those two will meet. Should make for a hell of a football player. – Jimmy McGinty

The teams  ends up winning  3 out 4, games in order to make it to the post-season playoffs, as the strike comes to a close.

But on Father’s Day 2014, Coach McGinty’s words carry some weight.

Your best days are still in front of you.

You will make an impact in the lives of those around you.

People will notice.

Your story will be told.

Talent v. Craft

I heard an interview the other day w/ Dean Koontz, and what caught my attention was the statement:

“Talent is grace”.

He followed it, with the understanding that you can’t take credit for talent, since it was given to you. So, the only thing you can take credit for, is your craft; the honing of skills and the application of your talent to influence the community around you and the world at large.

Our author reiterates this concept in the his book, Odd Apocalypse:

“Every talent is unearned, however, and with it comes a solemn obligation to use it as fully and as wisely as possible.”

Only You Can……Do, Be, Live…

If only we focused on what we can manage about ourselves. By all means, help others. Support, pray, advise and be there for those in around you, whomever they may be. But to wish they did things differently or how you’d do them or force them to see your point of view is futile and frustrating. At the end of the day, you either go to bed exhausted knowing you did everything that was within your availability and capability to do or your realize you could have done more and tomorrow is another chance to give it your all. You can not live at peace with all men if you are not daily living at peace with yourself.

Understand. Decide. Act.

Revelation comes through evaluation. Evaluation only occurs through being open to inspection. Sure, silence can’t be misquoted and actions not taken, can’t be mistaken…but in the end, opportunities do not knock on doors where it appears no one is home. Figure “it out. Decide what you will do about “it”.  Act accordingly on the decision.


LIfe needs to be like this. All systems checked. All systems ready. All systems go. All systems ready to go when called upon in the future. The danger comes in not being ready; not being prepared. Not learning, not growing, not going through the recommended maintenance and repair/restoration moments, means missing out whenever an opportunity presents itself.

The Influence Of Nothing

“Those who do not do good commonly do hurt by the influence of their bad example; they grieve and discourage those that are good; they harden and encourage those that are bad.”  – Matthew Henry commentary on Luke 13: 6-9

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