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Let your yes be yes and your no, no. My attempt to say more while not.

Month: December, 2012

Be Who You Need To Be…

… in order to do what needs to be done.

A lesson from two slaves, in the movie, Amistad:

Amistad Slave #1: [in Mende] He reminds me of that Fula of Baoma, you know the one who hires himself to scrape elephant dung from the crop rows.

Amistad Slave #2: [in Mende] A dung-scraper might be just the kind of man we need right now.

Cover of "Amistad"

Cover of Amistad


Live Life On The Field..

…not the bench. Statistics are not kept for those who do not step onto the field and use their abilities to contribute and make things happen in life.

Learn the game. Understand the game. Practice. Play. Perfect the game. It may not all depend on you and it will certainly require you to rely on God, but that doesn’t mean that your role is insignificant.


Football Field

Football Field (Photo credit: danxoneil)

“I’ve never met…

“I’ve never met a person who wanted to be managed. People do not commit to a manager, they comply with a manager. People make commitments to a leader and committed people do more things, they do them faster, they do them better and they do them more consistently.” Steve Keating

http://stevekeating.me/, from his 12/14/12 post on “What Leadership Is Not”

The Irony Of Procrastination

procrastination preview

procrastination preview (Photo credit: Charlie Godfrey)

Don’t procrastinate procrastination. If you are going to procrastinate, do it now and get it done. Then its life as an excuse is over and you can move forward with whatever has been calling for your attention. Life. Purpose. People. Vision. Mission. Accomplishment.

Procrastination kills practically everything worth having or doing…include the time, effort and resources needed to have or do anything worthwhile.

Procrastination Meter

Procrastination Meter (Photo credit: Emilie Ogez)


“I hear things….

“I hear things. I try to forget them quickly…” – Chief of Staff, Leo McGarry, from The West Wing, Season 3

A life principle we should all consider.

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