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Let your yes be yes and your no, no. My attempt to say more while not.

Month: May, 2012

The Complaint Dept

He who brings attention to a matter, as to point out a problem, should be the first to offer a solution… thus, answering his question. Fixing his own problem.

Toby, Zieglar, White House Communications Director, in the TV series, The West Wing, agrees, as you’ll see in this scene. Stating a problem (or complaining for that matter) without immediately offering a solution is a waste of time… in Toby’s case, 20 minutes.

“Have an idea! Don’t say ‘We’ve got to do this. It’s important, though, I  have no earthly idea how!’.” ”



Paid In Full Is Always Better

Consider this extreme scenario for a moment.

There is a ransom for your life. Would you rather someone in a position that could pay  in full or installments? Your release is dependent on their position to give.

The peace you experience is based on “in full” versus “on time”. It’s the difference between timing and living.

Financial. Spiritual. The principle is still the same. You sleep better knowing nobody can take it away, because whatever “it” is, has been paid in full. Car. House. Life. Peace.

Stamp US 1861 3c PAID 3

Stamp US 1861 3c PAID 3 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Robert Benchley as most will remember him.

Robert Benchley as most will remember him. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some people say that what you say matters. Others say it’s what you don’t say that matters. As much as it bothers me to admit, it’s most likely both that matter. What’s confusing is that somewhere in there, one is both right in their statement and wrong in their statement, probably at the same time.

As is the case with comedian Robert Benchley’s advice: “Drawing on my fine command of the English language, I said nothing.”

In the end,  “Let your yes be yes and your no, no” is your best form of communication.

Straight. Narrow. Forward.


Relationships II

I cut my thoughts on the relationships post short, due to the nature of the shortwinded blog versus the avantguard blog.  More thoughts were posted on the matter. I’ve added the link on the original post on Relationships, or you can click to the post, directly.

Thanks for the “likes”!!!!

Creation ::: It Is What You Make It

You cannot make progress without making decisions

You cannot make progress without making decisions (Photo credit: NJ..)

The Secret In Pain

**wise words from Lawrence of Arabia.

William Potter has attempted to extinguish a match between is thumb and his forefinger, like Lawrence has just done.Potter quickly comments on the pain. Lawrence replies, “Certainly it hurts.” The officer asks, “What’s the trick then?”

“The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts.”

What are you focused on? What are you paying attention to? What is it that you mind. The pain is worthwhile, when the desired result is accomplished. Otherwise, it’s harder to swallow… but not impossible.

Be Encouraged…

… whatever “it” is, contrary to feelings and emotions and commentaries and what “it” looks like on the surface, “it” is not the end of the world. You really will be okay. Everything will work out. There is peace in knowing you’ve done what you can do. There is comfort in knowing you still have time if you think you need to do more.

Live with expectations? Yes.

Die by expectations? Not on your life.

Nobody is perfect. Yet nobody is incapable of giving and doing their best. Whatever “it” look likes. Whatever “it” is.

As long as you are breathing, you are still capable of being and living at your best.

Planned Spontaneity

What you do with your free time and what you do with your “free” money are direct results of what you have planned. To do something “on the fly” or go somewhere “on a whim” are permitted and possible because you made and worked a plan.

The simplest example are kids. “What’s that, you want to play outside?” ” Sure…but only if your chores are done.”

Can I go to the surprise birthday tomorrow or go to a friends house after church? No problem…by the way, is that book report from two weeks ago and due Monday completed?

Can I borrow the car to go hang out at the mall? Is the application to college that’s due next week in the mail?

Same with adults applies. Last minute weekend getaways are easier and more enjoyable when not followed by “I’ll mow the lawn when we get back”…or, “we’ll pay for it when the credit card bill comes next month.” We see this in the office, as well. “We’re going out for dinner after; wanna join us??” “No…project for the client (or boss) isn’t done yet and they’re expecting it in the morning.”

Make a plan. Work the plan. Enjoy the freedom that comes from following the plan.  The plan makes the spontaneous that much more fun!!!

Finances. Time. Tasks. Events. Hobbies. Family. Friends. They all have a place. They all need to have a plan.  If not, the next thing you know, someone’s upset they never see you, not realizing they never made a plan to do so. There is no control, but self-control.

And in case you think I don’t know what I’m talking about…

It’s gorgeous outside!!!!   *and my to-do list is calling my name. Later could be fun now if “it” was done earlier.

Time management matrix as described in Merrill...

Time management matrix as described in Merrill and Covey 1994 book “First Things First,” showing “quadrant two” items that are important but not urgent and so require greater attention for effective time management (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


i hate digital [analog remix]

i hate digital [analog remix] (Photo credit: the|G|™)

Your digital version is an extension of your real life one. So if there’s not much to work with in real life, chances are whatever you say online means very little…at least to those who should be closer to you in real life, than they are at this moment in time.

*editor’s note…I have to stop on that thought, anything more on the matter and I’ll have to post it on www.avantguard77.wordpress.com

editor’s note part two: more thougts on the matter, on avantguard77 of course… you can read them here!

Creation ::: It Is What You Make It



Advice (Photo credit: laughlin)

…means the most when asked for; helps when it’s wise and relevant and works best when appropriately carried out. There is little more frustrating than knowing someone needs help and you can’t offer it because they won’t ask for it because they think they don’t need it.

Don’t fool yourself. The moment you think you have it all together, someone is looking at you commenting at a mess in your life that you have neglected; knowingly or ignorantly. And that’s a topic for another day.

Meanwhile….we all need help. Ask for it….for somewhere, someone is waiting for the chance to genuinely, give it.

If All Goes Well…Then It’s A Go

…except for when all doesn’t go well. Does “it” not go all at? This begs the question, what do yo do when it doesn’t go well?

Your attitudes?

Your reactions?

The words of your response?

Don’t worry about it not going well…figure out what you can do so that when all doesn’t go well,  you can still “Go” and move forward.

pathfinding with obstacles

pathfinding with obstacles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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