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Month: April, 2012

Playing Injured…

…as painful as it is, is a necessity. I’ll expound on this concept in my other blog, http://www.avantguard77.wordpress.com when more time permits, but for now, we all must find ways to stay in the game.

We are all damaged…and if you think you are not, then someone has stuffed you into a locker without your knowing it. Emotionally. Physically. Spiritually. Financially. Socially. We are all injured. It’s okay to be injured. You’re still on the team. More importantly, if you take care of the injury quickly, address it, care for it, give it proper time to heal (not forever), you’ll notice you are still in the game!

Regardless of your abilities or lack thereof, we are all running a race. Yes, there are winners and losers. Yet, that doesn’t matter as much as those who complete. Qualification is a given. Whether you finish is a choice. First place, last place, doesn’t really matter. Did you give 100%, whatever you could, whatever it looked like, to crossing the line?  How did the Apostle Paul word it? “…having done all to stand, STAND”.

Just because there is a list of those who Did Not Finish, doesn’t mean people remember them. Keep playing…even when…especially when…INJURED.


The Best Technical Support

I remember when my brother got his first computer gig as an analyst (back when mainframes took up the entire basement of the company’s building).  I remember him working 3rd shift, but getting called during the day, usually while sleeping, because someone couldn’t figure out what happened. Moments later…sometimes hour(s), my good ol’ bro had it fixed. Screen by screen, he helped fix the issue and get them back on course. I remember thinking, “You were asleep five minutes ago! Is this what you dream about, that you can walk someone through a computer issue, screen by screen over the phone with your eyes closed?”

A Windows 9x/Me Blue Screen of Death.

A Windows 9x/Me Blue Screen of Death. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Time. Effort. Application.

He had a bought a computer and practically, the day it arrived, he took it apart and put it back together again. He read. He learned. He studied. He figured it out. Twenty years later, I’m amazed at how his career has been blessed… even now as it moves to the next level. Is there something in your life that doesn’t make sense?

Can’t figure out what God is doing?

Having a hard time understanding His Word?

I’ll be the first to admit, I need to take a lesson from my older brother. Put in the time. Make the effort. Put it into practice.

Short. Sweet. Effective…One Can Hope.

American entrepreneur, author and public speak...

American entrepreneur, author and public speaker Seth Godin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For the past few weeks, it’s been on my mind, I should start another blog.  One that’s less wordy. Hopefully, the posts that follow this intro will remain, relatively short. You may find profound thoughts, from myself or what I’ve come across… ideas for discussion or just where I happen to be. Who knows. At this point, I have Seth Godin to thank, for getting me thinking about how I can communicate more effectively without saying the same thing 4 different ways… something people close to me tell me I do a little too often.

So… we’ll see how this goes.  Thanks for joining me.  And if you like, what I hope is a greater detail, yet still effective thoughts going through my mind, check out or stay tuned to my other blog…. www.avantguard77.wordpress.com

The Blatantly Obvious…

… requires a great deal of attention.  You would expect that it would be in front of your face. Unless you are facing the wrong direction. This, then requires to move in the direction of the blatantly obvious…meaning it’s not; there’s still an effort to look for it. Essentially, be  careful what you seek. Be specific about what you seek. Be willing to seek, in the first place.  Your body was meant to go and do, not sit and wait… although there is a time for both, which too, may or may not be… blatantly obvious.

Blatantly underground

Blatantly underground (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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