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Let your yes be yes and your no, no. My attempt to say more while not.

Month: September, 2013

Knowing… Or Not

My coworker and I only worked side-by-side for a few moments this afternoon. During the initial moments, I asked a question and following conversation occurred:

Me: So what would you like to talk about.

Co: I don’t know.

Me: I don’t know about I don’t know. You know?

Co: Yeah.

Me: I mean, what is there to know about I don’t know…by definition, there isn’t anything to really know.

( silence)

Me: Can I phone a friend?

Co: Sure.

Me: Can I poll Facebook? Tweet a twit? Link an “in”? Plus a Google?


Co: We can ask Linda!

(as Linda walks by in front of us): I don’t know nothing about anything.

(co-worker and I erupt in laughter)

Me: Well that was priceless…couldn’t have timed that any better if we wanted to.

Co: I know.

*so goes the story on Knowing About I Don’t Know.


The Unexpected Victim

Hatred only destroys its’ beholder. Rarely does it impact the person it’s directed. 

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