Less Is More…More or Less.

Let your yes be yes and your no, no. My attempt to say more while not.

Month: October, 2013

“We are praying…

“We are praying most when we are saying least.” – Rev. Peter Marshall

Effective Prayer.


Offended Doesn’t Pay

What are we really offended about?

If the person doesn’t know better, isn’t that out of your control? So, it’s not worth being offended over, at least not for very long.

If they don’t know better and it is in your control, shouldn’t you feel bad that you missed having a conversation with them that might have helped prevent their ignorance?

If they didn’t consult with us, shouldn’t we check to see if pride or something of that nature is getting in the way?

If they don’t care that our feelings or thoughts matter, then shouldn’t we examine the relationship to see why something like this fell through? Where is the ever-widening crack, that maybe outsides notice, but you or the other person are close to see?

If our identity is in Christ, then we should look to Him to help us properly respond to the matter before being upset or offended.

If one’s identity is not in Christ, then it will be easy to default to being offended. And if this happens to apply to the other person in the matter, you can have that conversation with them regarding the person of Christ.

Eternity is greater than the offense, for we have all offended Christ, and yet consider what His response.

Each and every time.

The Joys of Waiting

I so needed this! What a great laugh!

Elizabeth Fountain, Author

I hate waiting. Most people I know hate waiting. Life is full of waiting: we wait for loved ones to come home, we wait for movies to start, we wait in lines at groceries, banks, or the DMV. We wait to hear the results of tests at school, and the results of tests about our health.  Right now my love is waiting to find out if a new job will come through, unable to make commitments until he does. As writers, we wait for the muse to strike, we wait to hear back about a submission, we wait to see if anyone will discover our work, and we wait to learn if they love it as we do. All this waiting creates an often excruciating sense of anticipation, anxiety, or dread. It puts us in a state of suspended animation, of limbo: we understand, while in this limbo, why Dante…

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The Why And When Of “The Fall”

You can only fall after you’ve taken the step of faith to do something extraordinary and have gotten out of the boat. You fall, when in the process of doing the extraordinary, you take your eyes of Christ.

Focus on Christ.

Get out of the boat.

Do the extraordinary.

Stay focused on Christ.

Avoid “falling”.

These 3 People…

…are absolutely essential in every day life.

1) Parents

…for when you need an adjustment in your attitude.

2) Chiropractors

…for when you need an adjustment in your body.

3) Christ

…for when you need an adjustment in your life.

…but the greatest of these is Christ

“Teenagers are …

“Teenagers are God’s revenge on mankind. He said: See how they like it to create someone in their own imagine who denies their existence.” – Comedian Jeff Allen

aka; Let’s See How You Like It.

Increasingly Repititious

The number of times you will have to say something to your child before they will listen is a direct correlation to the age of the child. (The number of hairs that will turn gray as a result, is an exponential number, that varies based on the parent’s ability to handle the stress that comes with raising children.)

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