Less Is More…More or Less.

Let your yes be yes and your no, no. My attempt to say more while not.

Excellence is a choice. Yours.

“Nobody can prevent you from choosing to be exceptional” – Mark Sanborn, author of  The Fred Factor

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“Before you try…

“Before you try to change the game, you must first learn how to play it.” -Robert Sofia, Platinum Advisor Marketing Strategies

The Game

“We are praying…

“We are praying most when we are saying least.” – Rev. Peter Marshall

Effective Prayer.

“Teenagers are …

“Teenagers are God’s revenge on mankind. He said: See how they like it to create someone in their own imagine who denies their existence.” – Comedian Jeff Allen

aka; Let’s See How You Like It.


“I don’t let the static bother me. I don’t let it in my head.” – Mark Levin

comment made on his show, aired 3/22/13.  Incredible life philosophy, in my opinion. Hard to put into practice, I admit.

“I’ve never met…

“I’ve never met a person who wanted to be managed. People do not commit to a manager, they comply with a manager. People make commitments to a leader and committed people do more things, they do them faster, they do them better and they do them more consistently.” Steve Keating

http://stevekeating.me/, from his 12/14/12 post on “What Leadership Is Not”

“I hear things….

“I hear things. I try to forget them quickly…” – Chief of Staff, Leo McGarry, from The West Wing, Season 3

A life principle we should all consider.

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