12 Reasons Why It’s Impossible For Us All To Get Along.

by Peter Conlin

1) Nobody believes anyone when they say “It’s the truth.”

2) The few still capable of telling the truth must have ulterior motives.

3) We push everyone to be more educated, so that when there’s a disagreement, we can’t chalk it up to their still being “uneducated”.

4) When we run out of intellectual arguments we point out a character flaw, either real or perceived. (ie. racists)

5) We don’t listen to peoples reasoning…I’m too good to hear it or I don’t care anymore is the projected attitude.

6) Everyone has the right to speak their mind until someone trumps it with “Well, I’m offended…”

7) We let our offense take over the conversation, thus never resolving the issue…which probably wasn’t much of an issue anyway.

8) We don’t like dealing with real issues…we’d rather deal with the surface annoyances

9) Nobody admits to having real issues… those are for people who don’t have their act together.

10) We forget that at one time or another, none of us had our act together.

11) It’s more fun behaving like a child…who wants to be an adult

12) Adults forget that they can still be very wrong, but don’t you dare point it out.

I’ll get offended and then you won’t like me because I look different than you and have a different lifestyle…and well, working through our differences is just too much work, so you just stay over there and I’ll stay over here and we can be bitter for however long we feel like it.

No wonder we have a society where everyone is scratching their heads, saying the famous last words of Bill Cosby’s mother….

“Oh Lord, what happened in here?!!”