What’s With All The “Selfies”?

by Peter Conlin

What you need to know every day are the same things I need to remind myself of every day.

1) It’s not about me.

2) It’s never been about me.

3) It never will be bout me.

4) It’s never about money.

5) It’s never been about money.

6) It never will be about money.

7) Stuff…Never. Never been. Never will be

8) Career. Never. Never been. Never will be.

9) Education. Never. Never been. Never will be.

10) Political Clout. Never. Never been. Never will be.

11) Social-economic Status (or that of Facebook, Google+, LinkedIN, Twitter, Pinterest, etc) Not happening.

12) Looks. You might think so and others might agree, but no. Never been. Won’t last.

The only picture of your “self” that people care about is your heart.

More importantly, your heart is the only picture of yourself that God cares about.

If we all need to be a “level playing field” then the only difference that matters is the condition of your heart.

For out of your heart…comes EVERYTHING. But only that which is ETERNAL will last.