OfficeSpace Jeopardy

by Peter Conlin

I’m not sure if I mentioned this before or not, but a co-worker and I thoroughly enjoy the movie OfficeSpace. If you never seen it, it’s hilarious.Corporate America and the seemingly boring concept of putting people in cubicles as their work-station. Throughout the few hours that we work together, we are constantly quoting one-liners or mixing it up with quotes from other movies…usually Clint Eastwood, from one of “Dirty Harry” detective movies or Heartbreak Ridge.  Imagine Gunny Highway and Recon with Hawaiian shirts. The thought is funnier if you’ve seen both movies, obviously.

At any rate…the title is pretty self-explanatory.  Feel free to post in the comments any questions I haven’t come up with yet (but have an answer) or any questions and answers that should be added.

Q: Name the (insert adjective here) greeting ever?

A: What is “Hey, Peter…what’s happening”

Q: Most people don’t wear more than one of the same fashion accessories, except this.

A: “What is a “piece of flair”?”

Q: Ever parent has expression this (or similar) sentiment regarding their teenager’s music.

A: What is “listening at a reasonable volume?”

Daily Double

Q: This workspace utensil is, high demand, as it’s rumored to have been swiped by the boss.

A: What is a stapler

Q: This brand of stapler is claimed not to “bind up” as much as other brands.

A: What is Swingline?

Q: Even computer programmers don’t understand what this error message means.

A: What is “PC Load Letter”?

Q: This is the worst idea for a game ever conceived.

A: What is a “Jump to Conclusions” mat?

Another Daily Double

Q: The type of consultant who interviews you for the job you currently hold is called this.

A: What is “efficiency expert”?

Q: This is the least amount of time you can spend doing “real, actual, work”, that upon sharing it with the consultant results in you getting a promotion.

A: What is 15 minutes a week?

Q; Somewhere between one and this number is too many bosses to report to?

A: What is eight?

Q: The memo regarding these and their implementation is highly important

A: What are TPS reports?

Q: With a good opening storyline, you can make more money doing this than say, a computer programmer?

A: What are magazine subscription sales.

Q: Depending on your work environment, this usage of this phrase may result in bodily harm?

A: What is “a case of the Mondays”?

Q: You’ve reached a whole new level of nerd if you have to look up this phrase in the dictionary.

A: What is money-laundeing?

Final Jeopardy

Q: This day of the week, is one that people might look forward for being being able to wear certain casual clothes, or they don’t look forward to since they may be asked to come into work on weekend or they dread it since statistically there’s less chance of an incident when they are fired.

A: What is Friday?

Thanks for playing. Have a great week and when do go into work tomorrow, I wouldn’t recommend dismantled a portion of your cubicle just to make it feel like you have a corner office with a big window few.

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