What’s Worth What

by Peter Conlin

So I just got home from my second job…which didn’t go all that great, at least not like I’d hoped…and I came home, ready to update my Facebook status.  Something along the lines of “what words do you use to describe how you feel, when tired, exhausted, frustrated and disheartened aren’t enough, but depressed is crossing the line?

” or something like that.

Then I go upstairs to kiss the wife goodnight and let her know I am home.

I open the door to see three female bodies, have taken over my bed.

The 4-yr old, on my side. The wife on her side.

The, less than 1-yr old, atop the wife, with her arm around my wifes’ neck.

If that doesn’t make you forget what you were upset about, I don’t know what will.

So, I head back downstairs thinking, my status has turned into an overdue blog-post.

This is cool! I’ll have to add #dadintears.

I no sooner open up the laptop and start logging into a couple of sites (ie. Facebook & WordPress) and I hear the baby. Wife “has had it” as I approach the bed and she’s in the middle of making a bottle. “You wanna take her?”

Sure. So as I walk back down stairs (for the second time in about 3 minutes, I ask the baby…”where you wanting to crash on the couch and fall asleep while looking at the Christmas tree lights?”

Sure enough…she’s on the couch next to me and back to sleep. In a matter of seconds.

If only it were that easy.

Needless to say, whatever was on my mind for most of the evening will hopefully stay at bay for a few moments longer. And when it tries to barge back in, I’ll just admire the baby…and the Christmas tree…and the baby.


christmas lights

christmas lights (Photo credit: harold.lloyd)