Movie Quote Reversal ::: Office Space v. Heartbreak Ridge

by Peter Conlin

So my co-worker and I had an interesting conversation tonight. We both love quoting the movie, Office Space and we both enjoy Clint Eastwood flicks.  Which brought about an entertaining game.  Interchanging movie quotes.  The ones we came up with had us laughing pretty good, though this list is a little more extensive and I’m sure I’m missing a few.

Can you tell what the original quote was and which movie it belongs to??

You’re back with Initech?

Stitch Jones is my name and Rock ‘n Roll is my game and I never leave home without my 15 pieces of flair

Gunnery Sargent Highway…is that your real name?

Marines are fighting men. They shouldn’t be sitting around on their sorry …  filling out TPS reports for equipment they should already have, sir.

The only thing you could build, Webster, is a good case of “the Mondays”.

Just because we both like Kung Fu doesn’t mean we’ll be taking warm showers together until the wee hours of the morning.

Well, when a boss wants you to stay in contact and not take the hill without him he generally asks you at the end of the day, right?

I don’t want to get my head shot off in some far away land because you didn’t get the memo, comprende?

Good evening Sir, my name is Steve. I come over from supply.

You’ll all wear Hawaiian shirts on Friday or not at all.

Milt,  Sir. This is Gunnery Sergent Thomas Highway. He’s been assigned to find your stapler.

Your TPS- DD 1348 forms are not filled out correctly.

Fill out the proper TPS forms and send it through the chain of command! (ie.  the 8 bosses you report to)

We’re going to approach this exercise in an orderly proficient manner, Sergeant Major. I want each piece of flair counted and returned in the exact condition in which it was received.

About the only quote that fits in both movies is that “I was told I could listen to my music at a reasonable volume.”

I’m looking forward to your thoughts and comments!!!

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