Value Your Work…A Lesson From The Wedding Singer

by Peter Conlin

While Adam Sandler’s character, Robbie Hart, and Drew Barrymore, as Julia Sullivan are on a double date, Robbie learns about the profession of Julia’s fiancee…who in a few moments, admits to cheating on her. Thanks Glenn, for the one-liner piece of career advice:

Glenn: You should look into the bond market. That’s where the money is.

Julia: Glenn’s in junk bonds.

Glenn: No, Jules, it’s high-yield bonds. Do I tell people you’re in junk waitressing?

I don’t know why this struck me tonight, but whatever it is you do, it is (or should be) worthwhile, and not just for monetary purposes.

The only people who have truly (______) jobs are those who work in the waste management/environmental services industry.

And from what I hear, they make pretty decent money for putting up with other peoples (_____) in a professional manner.

Whatever you do, do your best. Until that for which you are better-suited, makes its’ appearance.