Scales of War

by Peter Conlin

The difference between scales of the term “World War” (whether literal or figurative) can be measured by the management and resolution of situations and circumstances. Individual, corporate or national initiatives become paramount(s) of timing, similar to how quickly a performance car can move from 0-100mph.

Suffice to say;

if everyone took care of their own personal space first, it would be much easier for people to help their neighbors, who if they did the same, most likely wouldn’t need much help

Thus, anything resembling the scale of “World War” would be greatly diminish.

Damage, collateral or otherwise, not so devastating, on whatever level(s) it may exist.

However, we only understand the reference to World War as evidence that this skill can be difficult to master, particularly when selfish ambition and pride has exalted itself above the great commandment, to love our God with your heart and then our neighbor as yourself.