Lessons From Top Gun

by Peter Conlin

#1: Don’t “lose it”. You’ll give your spot to the next guy in line. God forbid, the spot your forfeit is #1

#2: Don’t let your ego over-commit your abilities. It may cost you your life.

#3. Whatever you do, do it better and cleaner than “the other guy.”

#4. There’s a dangerously fine-line, that if pushed to far, your ability to make friends decreases. At the very least, you won’t be liked.

#5. If you don’t evaluate what’s happened, you can’t apply what should be learned.

#6. Don’t be (or do) stupid. Most phone calls from the Defense Department are left to be desired.

#7. Alcoholic beverages may not be the best thing for putting out a fire.

#8. Don’t quit your day job…not at least until whatever you wearing trying to do is impressive enough to result in, “You should do that instead”, rather, than “Don’t ever do that again”. People and potential romantic interests may worry.

#9. Do not fire until fired upon. In other words, be careful in your actions and more careful in your reactions.

#`10. Fancy does not build trust…regardless of the governments thoughts on the matter. Most people require more.


PS: My thought and prayers go out to the Scott family. I didn’t see the reports circumstances regarding his passing, until I was browsing through the related articles section.